• Rothschicht was established in 2017 during the study of „Accessory Design“ in Pforzheim, Germany
  • We create accessoires, especially leather goods
  • A fair, local and sustainable philosophy is sought
  • Rothschicht is againgst mass consumption and fast fashion
  • Timeless, functional designs and high quality materials are focused
  • Although an awareness for live for the moment and enjoyment of life are importent aspects that wants to be imparted
  • The child‘s head of everybody wants to be activated in a positive melancholy way



  • Timeless design, mix of materials and a symbiosis between elegance and coolness 
  • The bags can be customized to the outfit, mood or occasion of the costumer The materials are eco friendly leather, vintage leather and high qualitaty fabrics 
  • We are working on a vegan alternative for our bags. For now you can preorder the items, until they will be fixed components in our collection. Additional you can find there sustainable shirts and much more.



  • Rothschicht is rooted in the deepest black forest ( region in the south of germany) 
  • Here it is rumoured that the people don‘t like to speak in high terms of somebody or something
  • So since we are reserved in praising, we speak about „not that bad“ when there is something pretty goodSince we appreciate our homeland a lot this might be a matching and funny slogan 



  • The changeable bags are provided with eight push-buttons on the capsule. They can be connected with the cloth bag.
  • Furthermore the Capsule is provided with a slot. The pocket of the cloth bag can be pulled through the slot and be fastened with two more buttons on the capsule.